When they met the dog, the poor animal was in even worse condition than they could have imagined…


LaCrystal Rike, who is also the founder of Friends of Reggie, once saw a pic of a dog that quickly caught his attention.

The baby was sleeping on a very dirty armchair and was in a very bad condition.

He felt very sorry for him and immediately went to find the dog.

When he went to that place with the intention of finding the emaciated dog, it turned out that it was clearly not a safe place, especially for a dog.

It was already dark when Rike reached there. Rike understood that the dog needed him, so he had to do something, no matter how difficult it was.

There was a shack where people dumped junk. The dog was lying on the very bench he had seen in all the pictures.

They decided to name the dog Anike, who was not there alone, but with his friend Tessa. It was a blue toy that he carried with him everywhere he went.

Unfortunately, the dog was in a much worse condition than they imagined, completely covered in ticks, malnourished and exhausted.

The dog also had a large infected wound, so he had to be taken to the vet immediately.

It was the worst case for the vets that they had ever seen in their lives.

They discovered that this dog had unfortunately been used as a bait dog for target practice.

When the veterinarian opened the dog’s mouth, he showed that almost all of the dog’s teeth were pulled to prevent him from biting.

It all seemed unbelievable to Rike. There were scars and wounds all over his body, and everything was made worse by the ticks.

Everyone there was doing everything they could to make the poor dog feel as safe as possible.

There was only one option: he was tortured and thrown away as garbage.

He seemed to realize that he was finally in safe hands and that his violent past would be forever behind him.

A few days later, he was taken to a foster home to speed up the healing process. Of course, he took his favorite stuffed elephant with him too.

Let’s pray that Anike recovers as soon as possible, living the life he always dreamed of.

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