When a man heard a scream coming from the jungle, he immediately rushed there and here’s what he found out…


He was driving through the streets of Thailand when his attention was suddenly caught by a strange noise coming from the jungle.

He decided to drive closer to understand what was that. Suddenly, Harbison saw a little puppy in the grass.

When he approached the dog, it was still quite nervous and avoided him.

Soon, however, he realized that Harbison would not harm him and was just trying to help.

After that as he thought about how to help the puppy, he suddenly noticed some movements on the grass.

At that moment he found two other sisters of the pup.The poor babies were left completely alone in the jungle.

Carefully placing the puppies on his moped, he drove them to safety.

He took the babies to the shelter, where the pups slowly began to open up.

A few hours later, they became very active, showing their sweet nature.

The funniest thing is that the sweet sisters were named Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

Now the babies will continue living in the shelter for a while, and once they are fully recovered, they will begin the search for their forever homes.

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