Watch what happened when during her amazing performance of ‘O Holy Night’ she was joined by the children…


Her voice just blows me away. When she starts performing this song, it seems to take us from the ground to the clouds.

Every note is uplifting and sounds perfect to listen to every day of the year. It is indescribably beautiful.

Christmas is the most wonderful holiday of the year for all of us, when everyone’s homes are filled with the aroma of delicious food and the shops are full of many customers.

Beautiful Christmas trees are placed in the yards of houses being decorated with bright lights… Our hearts are so happy and full of warmth. Along with all this, of course, Christmas music is also returning, making the holiday season more special.

I can definitely say that Susan Boyle performed one of the most famous Christmas carols with one of the greatest renditions I՛ve ever heard.

You will also definitely appreciate Susan Boyle’s live performance, which seems to convey all the magic of this wonderful holiday.

When she first entered the audition room, people had a lot of doubts about her, but as soon as she started singing with her stunning voice, everyone was simply shocked.

This performance is so emotional, especially accompanied by Susan’s heavenly voice.

Watch it now and without a doubt, you will feel all the wonder of the song “o holy night” in your soul.

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