Wandering Golden Retriever panics during his rescue before being touched


It is only God who knows what stray pets need to keep to survive on the streets. These mismatched hearts struggle to find food, water, and shelter every night in hot summer and severe winter weather.

Their life, to put it mildly, is difficult.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for many of them to be afraid of people, just as they run away when someone wants to approach them.

An adorable golden retriever named Clarabel shared the sad fate of many homeless dogs. He was loved by those in the community who fed him regularly, but he never allowed them to approach him.

They all understood that his place was not on the street, but in a family that would surely reveal his love and teach him how to trust people. Eventually, fans heard about Clarabel signalling Wish for Paws.

Eldad answered the call as he went to see him, hoping to catch him, but no one knew where he was hiding. On his 5th attempt, he noticed her.

The moment he tried to approach, Clarabel stressed and closed his eyes with his paws. This is one of the most moving scenes we have ever seen on a rescue mission.

Fortunately, when he felt human contact, he calmed down.

He realized he was saved. Clarabell is currently in the care of the Labrador Retriever Rescue in Southern California, but we want him to find him quickly for life.

You can watch her rescue in the video below.

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