Tow Truck Driver Tries Rescuing Dog He Finds On Dirt Road, Ends Up Rescuing Elderly Man


The driver of the tractor, who came out to rescue, thought he was a lost dog, instead rescued the dog’s owner.

Martin Hall Jr. was driving in a remote area near Culturville, California, when he spotted a dog blocking his way in the middle of the road. The dog was tied up and sitting in the hot sun.

He tried to seduce the dog with his sandwich and water, but the dog refused to move.

Hall filmed what was happening, in the video he says that he says: “It will not come to me. I try to approach [but] it just wants to escape. It has somehow run out. ”

“It sucks that I do not like this dog, I like dogs sometimes,” Hall continues. Looking around, he noticed a flashlight on the road, a trail to the side of the road

As the dog refused to warm up with him, he decided to go out for help. “I will go ahead, I will leave this water for him. I hope he drinks it when I go. ”

He was about to leave when he heard a shout from afar. “Wait, I’m hearing something.” He then killed the engine of his truck.

“Well, you’s fine.” Walking down the path, he found an elderly man who had fallen to the ground and been injured by a mound.

According to Holly, the man lay there for about 8 hours, injuring himself after going for an early morning walk.

The man had a second dog, Chico, who was protecting him, and the other had gone to get help.

When Hall realized that Chico would not allow the wounded man to approach him, he went to Paul’s wife, who lived about a mile away, Hall told WRAL-TV. Help was called from there, the dogs the man were rescued.

If Hall does not consider what he did a salvation, I think the dogs and the old man he helped would not agree.

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