Tina, a female whale, who fell in love with a zookeeper, spat water on a female worker out of jealousy.․․


Did you know that it also happens that animals fall in love with their keepers? Recently, something like that happened in South Korea.

The point is that Tina, the whale, fell in love with the man who took care of her and her behavior clearly showed everything.

She even started to get jealous when she saw his beloved man with any female employee.

Once, when she once again saw a female standing next to her beloved man, the whale, unable to control her emotions, spat water on her.

In spite of such incidents, Tina was actually a very playful and kind whale. She always kisses her favorite male employee, but if another employee askes for a kiss, Tina simply ignores him.

At first, when Tina had just came there, everything was unusual for her and it was difficult for her to adapt to the new environment.

However, her beloved zookeeper came to her rescue, thanks to whose care and attention, Tina began to trust and obey her.

So the love story started from that day.  For example, when another male worker approached him, the whale would apparently ignore him and go back into the water.

However, the zoo staff were afraid that if it continued like this, big problems might arise for Tina in the future.

So they decided to place her with the male whales as soon as possible.

However, at first the female whale had a hard time gettring along with the males, but then they started playing together. Surely everything will be fine soon.

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