Timmy was discovered during one of the largest dog fighting raids in history


More than 350 dogs have been rescued in one of the largest dog fight ring raids in history.

This horrific neglect abuse has spread to Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Just looking at these pictures shows how badly these dogs were treated.

Timmy was one of the youngest surviving dogs to become a poster of abused dogs with ASPCA. Wait until you see how his story ends.

This was one of the largest dog fights in history.

This 8-week-old puppy was one of the youngest dogs to survive.

No dog deserves it on its neck, especially such a small dog.

How could anyone treat animals so cruelly?

This picture says it all.

When the help came, he had the biggest smile.

Ten suspects were arrested on charges of dogfighting.

Unfortunately, it was too late for many of them. Dead animals were found with all their belongings.

But Timmy was one of the survivors.

She was transferred to care for the Humane Society in Calvert County, Maryland.

Just look at him now. :

Here’s Tim once wearing a matching rope.

The team learned to trust and was ready for an eternal home.

She looks quite comfortable here.

It was a long legal process, but Timmy and the other dogs finally got the love they deserved.

The team became the puppet of the ASPCA poster, abusing dogs everywhere.

Nine months after the rescue, 10 of the 14 defendants pleaded guilty. Fortunately, these dogs were rescued before the situation got worse.

If you want to help other dogs in need, you can donate to the Humane Society or ASPCA.

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