This super tall duck is Long Boy who is ready to amaze everyone with his flawless beauty


He is so special that he is different from everyone else. It’s about a duck named Long Boy.

Though the origin story of this duck remains a mystery, the duck with such posture has already become very famous.

He even has an Instagram account, where have gathered all his loyal followers .

The page is managed by university students. There is also a line of products for those who would like to show their love with a sweet boy t-shirt or something else.

His height isn’t the only thing that sets Long apart from other ducks.

It also stands out because of its characteristic shape and size: beautiful high posture and long neck


Long Boy can often be seen hanging out with the other waterfowl on campus.

He mainly grazes near the lake, then begins to gently groom his feathers.

He sleeps in the shade and eats seeds from people’s hands. As you can see, he feels great.

One user recently claimed that Long is undoubtedly “the tallest duck that ever lived.” He is over a meter tall.

He just has a flawless beauty that really fits the description of the Indian Runner duck.

The sweey boy really deserves our praise and warm words, because he, such a beautiful and special duck, has been making all the students of the university happy for years.

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