This shelter has a wonderful tradition, according to which every dog being brought there gets its first warm blanket


NMDR has a wonderful tradition where every time new pups arrive, they give them all their first blankets.

It is quite a pleasant moment for the dogs, because most of them have never stayed in a warm place before, nor have they known what a warm blanket is.

They recently shared a video showing that a new group of dogs have already received their new blankets and are enjoying it.

Many of them had skin problems and others were blind.

Regardless of their problems, each dog was overjoyed and responded warmly to their gifts.

Putting their noses to their new blankets, they began to sniff it.

It was like the best thing they had ever seen… It was so exciting.

Even the most insecure pups couldn’t contain their emotions and were so excited for their new gift.

When it’s almost time to get adopted, each dog gets a brand new blanket to take home with them.

After learning about this wonderful program, many people started donating, sending them money and new blankets.

Thanks to kind people, each sweet pup gets their own new blanket that they will definitely keep forever.

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