This newborn foal looks normal, but he is far from it


These beautiful horses, the people who raise and care for them, are extraordinary people. Budweiser Clydesdales is one of the most famous horse groups in the world.

They are born and raised in a multi-million dollar business. This video shows how unique this organization is and what it takes to find the perfect horses for their ad.

Their ads are one of the most anticipated and popular ads during the Super Bowl each year. And recently, some controversy, but that should not be a reason to argue with these fantastic horses.

These beautiful creatures, which they use to advertise their products, are bred, fed, and trained by Jeff Knapper at Bunville, Missouri Warm Springs Ranch. He loves his horses, it shows they also seem to love him. …

Just look at how they treat Jeff in this video. He runs the entire facility where the horses are bred, but of course, he has a team of people to help with this huge job.

Only a male horse is eligible to become Budweiser Clydsdale, they choose ten each year, but the little female foal in the video has become a star, you will want to see how this happens.

This video tells the story of Clydesdale and introduces a special child named Hope. Hope became the star of the Budweiser Award-winning Super Bowl XLVII commercial titled “Brotherhood.”

They are a wonderful breed of horses. I have lived in that state for 25 years,։ I just found out that they have been trained in that condition. Learn something new every day.

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