This is the silver-eared mesia one of the most astounding birds covered in fall colors


Maybe you have never heard of nor seen this tiny autumn like baby bird. Can you imagine how incredible an unique this is.

Where you can find it? They prefer to live in cool and tropical woods, just like the fall, including plantations and gardens.

This creatures can be called hard and tough as they like staying at higher places even in cold winter. They can be seen all year long in lots of countries lke Vietnam, China, Thailand etc if the place is appropriate for them to live.

Due to their diverse colors they are very well known in the animal trade, and because of that are very vulnerable to poaching.

The silver-eared magic is a cascade of red, yellow, orange and other colors and that’s what makes them so unique and rare. This birds also have subspecies only that ones have different kind of coloring.

They all equally look wonderful with their various autumn colors. The most amazing and surprising fact about these birds is that they are very outgoing as well. They can come after some fruits and seeds in some regions.

And if 1 of them is noticed in the area probably there are more in the surroundings.

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