This homeless man throws birthday party for his canines unaware it would bring them to a better life


There is no matter wheather you are homeless or very wealthy if you have a kind heart nothing will stop you from doing good. What comes to homeless people they possess nothing more than their own personal belongings.

And that never stopped hem from giving, especially when the only friends that thy have left are their dogs. Today’s story hero is called Choko. in January of this yeara vido of him with his dogs Shaggy and Nena went viral.

It was obvious that they were getting ready for a party, and it anvery special one. Everything became even more clear when the man started singing a birthday song.

They had everything for the party; candles, cake, hats literally everything. And the best thing that they had was the love and the joy they were felling. After finishing their singing they lit the candles and they blew it.

In the face of celebrating in the park this man was still one of the happiest as he had the best companions. We would dare to say that we was very content for what he had that day.

And the dogs they were very thankful to have Choko in their life. They gave all they had that night. From this man, the only thing that could be felt was a pure kindness.

He is a man, who could become a very responsible pet owner, although he had no financial walth. As he knew it was a special day for his dogs he could not just let it go by.

Of course he could spent his money on something more useful, thing like food o other necessities. On a minute Choko even had tears on his eyes.

Nobody knows what was the reason for that, but we know something for sure that he adores his canines. Only by just looking at them you will know that he loves them more than anything.

After shooting this precious moment the man went closer to them to know them batter. As it appeared then Choko escaped from his abusive family and since then lives in the streets.

As he does not have anything in his life he just wanted to make sure that his pups were feeling grate. After knowing more about their story, the person wanted to help them and did her best to do that.

After that lots of kind hearted people reached out to them and tried to help with everything they could. Step by step all the donations were gathered and helped to get out of that bad situation.

All the people mad e huge impact on them. And the place where video was taken became a favourite place for other animal lovers to visit. The trio became celebrities when people started asking to take photos with them.

Someone gifted him a new phone and Choko immideately created an insta account so that he could keep everyone in touch with his updates. he had already amassed lots of followers on his account.

He shared there where he is from and also mentioned thaton that day on the video they were celebrating Shaggy’s 4th birthday.

He shared that his biggest dream is to get into music and build his own animal shelter.

Based on his daily insta shares we can see that everything settels up for them they now live in a decent house and eat good food every day.

Also we know that they started selling shirts and with the most of the money helping abused animals. It is real saying that those who have few give more. And they will get the best blessings for sure.

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