This Dog Was Found Abandoned, Abused, And Hating Humans. Then Along Came Chloe


Life on the streets is very rough for dogs. The harsh weather, abusive human behaviors, and every day struggle to search for food make them lose hope and get depressed.

This dog named Izzy was in a similar situation when rescuers from The Animal Alliance of New Jersey found her.

Izzy was covered in lesions, open sores, with matted fur and weighing less than half what she should have weighed. We can only imagine the horrors she faced in her life.

Izzy was afraid of humans and didn’t open her heart to anyone. While in the weeks following her rescue and rehabilitation, she started to warm up to those who walked and fed her, she still wasn’t comfortable with humans and was very depressed.

But everything changed when a little girl named Chloe walked in the shelter and met Izzy. Their bond was almost instant, and the transformation of Izzy was genuinely remarkable.

From that day forward, Izzy lived a life she truly deserved.

Watch how this little girl’s love for her new best friend was able to change this sad and abused rescue dog into a precious, happy, and loved family member.

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