This cute groom sang “Hallelujah” for the bride and left everyone so touched


You don’t necessarily need a lot of surprises, a huge budget, or hundreds of guests to have a successful wedding. Frequently, a pleasant atmosphere is sufficient for the bride and groom to enjoy.

For instance, this groom decided to sing for his future wife because he wanted to share a special moment with her.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen has been covered numerous times. It is a moving, beautiful song that is frequently played at significant events.

Everyone is moved by this song. Try to picture your potential partner singing it for you! All over the world, there are very pretty versions of this design.

A young man made the decision to surprise his wife at his wedding in Porto Alegre, Brazil, by playing this song. When the groom starts singing, it’s hard not to be moved and impressed by his amazing and beautiful voice.

As the emotion takes over, other guests slowly join in on the singing. The emotions that could be felt at this particular point in the ceremony can be clearly seen in the reactions of those present!

Enjoy the video and this beautiful rendition below!

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