They thought they would never see their dog again, but instead he came back with a big surprise…


The couple thought that their dog was lost forever and they would never see him again.

But what happened next, they could not even imagine. It was a real surprise for them.

The couple were very sad and worried because Bonnie had not come home since Sunday.

Their dog is 5 years old and was quite a strong and healthy puppy.

Later, fortunately, their beloved dog returned home and they finally calmed down.

But the thing is, the dog didn’t come back the way he left the house.

When he entered the house, they noticed that there was a yellow band around the dog’s neck.

It said that Bonnie had won 3rd place in the show for dogs. They were simply amazed by what they saw.

Only then did they find out what happened and it was just amazing.

John Wilmar was on his way to a show when he suddenly noticed the beagle mix. At that moment, a wonderful idea came to his mind.

He was going to participate the dog show that day with his own dog, but he thought he might as well took the beagle.

Who knows, maybe he will win instead of his dog. Therefore, he participated in the show together with two dogs.

During that time, he also managed to write posts about Bonnie on his Facebook so that he could find his owners.

Eventually, the doggie became “The Best Rescue Dog”. And it was enough too that Bonnie won the 3rd prize.

It seemed that Bonnie had left home specifically to participate and win the competition that day.

He wore the ribbon very proudly and what refers to his parents they were so happy with his achievement.

The dog proved to have a lot of potential and if he was able to win 3rd prize without much training, who knows what the sweet dog could have achieved with more practice.

We think in the near future we will definitely see Bonnie at many other shows too.

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