They abandoned him after the death of his owner, but when the good Samaritan heard about him, immediately rushed to help;


The cat’s name is Leo, who was 11 years old when they came to rescue him.

He was in a very difficult situation before that, because he was left outside the house after the death of his owner.

However, when Louise learned about the cat and its story, she was able to find it and take it to a veterinary clinic.

There he received immediate medical attention.  The cat had not eaten anything for a long time and was emaciated and dehydrated. In addition, he was anemic and had broken teeth.

However, regardless of all that, Leo had not lost his trust in people and was in a good mood.

He was very forgiving and kept looking for love everywhere, waiting for his salvation.

After all that, Louise opened the doors to her home, offering to take care of him.

He promised to do everything so that the sweet boy would live the rest of his life loved and happy.

After just a few days, Leo seemed to come out of his shell and fully adapted to his new home.

When he sees Louise entering the room, he runs straight to her for a warm hug.

And when the morning comes, he greets his whole family waiting for his food.

Leo feels like a new cat. He became very active and started playing like a real kitty again.

Louise wakes up every day to sweet kitty’s sweet meows and realizes that he is asking for his breakfast.

The lack of a few teeth does not prevent him from eating well, and apart from that, the cat is not lame anymore.

He just feels great in this house, realizing that everyone loves him there and he will never feel alone anymore..

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