The women noticed the mother dog with 2 newborn pups and if they were a little late the mother dog wouldn’t have survived…


A dog with her two puppies came and lay down in the yard in front of a residential area.

She was spotted by three women who often walk there with their pets.

The dog unfortunately looked very bad and was incredibly thin, but her two puppies were quite fat and it was unclear to them how the mother was able to feed them.

So they decided to help the little family. They brought a table, put an old blanket under it , which became a comfortable home for them.

The women visited them every day, bringing food and water for them. The mother dog became visibly excited when she saw them coming. Over time, the pups also began to actively wag their tails when their rescuers came to see them again.

But once, when they came to the dogs again, they realized that something was wrong.

They called the dogs, but no one came out. Then one of the women noticed a big wound on the mother dog, and besides that the muzzle looked swollen. They had to go to the clinic immediately.

They put the dog in the car with a blanket and took her to the vet. It turned out that the condition of the dog was quite serious.

In the veterinary clinic the wound was immediately treated and after that all necessary antibiotics were prescribed.

Besides that, the dog needed an operation, so they offered to leave the dog at the clinic so that they could operate in the morning.

We are sure that the brave dog will overcome all that and everything will be fine with him.

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