The woman ties the puppy’s legs and mouth with a tight ribbon and puts them up for sale


The worst part of poverty is that it pushes people into a state of subsistence, which often causes them to lose their compassion for living things, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

We see a man visiting a market organized by an extremely poor community with a basic living.

However, the disgusting sight of a tied puppy makes him stop.

The man discovers that the puppy and his companions are being sold like poultry. The puppy is weak constantly hurts, because his nose and paws are tied tightly with a strong ribbon, no one rubs his eyelids.

The man is worried about the puppy’s suffering, confronts the seller for torturing the child. However, the seller loses his temper and begins to defend himself.

He claims that the puppy bit his offspring, so he fortified himself and isolated himself from the rest.

Unable to force the ruthless seller to release the unprotected puppy, the man decides to buy the tied puppy to save him. He gently grabs the pup, releases the ribbons and strips from the puppy’s limbs to the muzzle.

As expected, he finds the fragile puppy scratched and injured due to the cruel situation.

The man, fortunately, had first aid kits in his bag, and he quickly disinfected the puppy’s wounds with a solution. He then fed the puppy and his companions food.

Then he took home his little farm, which he had just saved, hoping to give it life, full of compassion and comfort.

It is truly tragic to see the pitiful treatment of dogs in such incomprehensibly underdeveloped places, nothing can ever justify this offensive thinking.

Let’s raise our voices against dog abuse help raise awareness of animal welfare.


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