The woman gave birth to a girl only at 66 and now the girl is 14 and she is a beauty


In 2007, this story took place in Romania. A girl was born to Adriana. If Adriana hadn’t been 66 years old at the time, it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.

This woman set a record and became the oldest mother in the world. However, a year later, a different Spanish woman eluded her: Despite being almost a year older than Adriana, she gave birth.

Adriana was only married once and she divorced at 24. For more than fifty years, the woman lived on her own. She had always wanted to have a child, but she was never able to find a good father.

Adriana also put too much effort into thinking about the little ones. A woman who was already old was able to undergo an IVF procedure and become pregnant thanks to technology. Eliza was thus born.

Despite her mother’s age, the girl was in perfect health. This remarkable case has been covered extensively in the media. They even discussed Adrian’s travels abroad.

However, over time, they stopped writing about it. With Eliza, Adriana continued to lead a quiet life. Their apartment is the least extraordinary.

Despite receiving a modest pension, Adriana is quite capable of supporting herself and her daughter. It is unknown whether she earned money from media contacts.

If that’s the case, it could add value to her modest pension and improve this family’s standard of living.

Adriana is regarded as the most well-liked mother among women who gave birth at a later age. The remaining “elderly moms” are attempting to maintain a low profile.

In terms of Adriana, she was always open to speaking with the media, giving interviews, and allowing herself and her daughter to be photographed.

According to Adriana, people frequently call her Eliza’s grandmother. She loves her daughter so much that she has never regretted her decision this does not bother her at all.

Eliza is a typical adolescent as she grows up. She goes to school and walks with her classmates.

Peers do not the slightest bit respond to the way that her mom is more established than common moms don’t oppress and don’t insult Eliza for this.

The girl generally leads a happy and straightforward life. Eliza is already fourteen years old right now. At the age of eighty, Adriana crosses the threshold.

I would like to think that the woman will live to see her daughter grow up.

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