The woman comes with two cubs, which are thrown near the road, carefully approaching


Lenny received a message from his father, which reads: So he went to help and saw them on the road.

They were afraid of having the worst skin conditions.

They should have been there for at least three or four days. He got water and food for them, he just sat there for about thirty minutes trying to gain their trust.

He could not help but say to himself. “Oh my God: What happened to these poor people? ” Lenny returned them to the car where they immediately wanted to rest, and he broke down, thinking about their lives up to this point.

But it was time to take them home for a bath.

It did not take long for their fur to start growing again. He had never seen such a dramatic transformation. And one morning he woke up and received a message from a woman asking if she still had puppies.

Lenny was supposed to drive them from Massachusetts to Texas, but this was their family. he knew it immediately after seeing it. Look where Bugs Bear are today.

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