The wild life photographer made majestic shoot of the «Queen of Elephants»


The untamed life picture taker Will Burrard-Lucas had extraordinary recollections by taking the sensational pics of the «Queen of elephants» AKA F_MU1 in Tsavo, Kenya in her last long stretches of life.

While the man was welcomed this region to photo the elephants there on the extent of one task, he was educated about the glorious Queen. He was eager to meet her.

After certain long stretches of looking through he tracked down F_MU1. The second was truly shocking for the man. She showed up from the brambles with her smooth way.

She was so thin and old yet looked incredibly exquisite and strong. She resembled a relic from the old time. They went through the entire day together.

The great creature drove the gathering the waterway where she used to have shower. The man was happy. It was an extraordinary encounter for him to experience and picture this interesting animal.

Sadly, she passed on weeks after Burrard-Lucas captured her. However, fortunately these pics honors her.

Her long and thriving life turned into a distinctive illustration of genuine work and exertion that the natural life administrations put to safeguard these awesome creatures in Kenya.

The untamed life photographic artist guarantees that being with this radiant and uncommon animal was truely a dazzling second that he will always remember.

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