The sweet gorilla started showing off her baby to visitors, then showering him with warm kisses


What happened seemed so unbelievable. That scene will remain forever in everyone’s memory.

The mother gorilla suddenly started showing her baby to the crowd, and all the visitors were so lucky enough to witness that glorious moment.

The gorilla shows her baby so proudly and then kisses his forehead.

Everyone was really surprised and delighted to see the love and care that the gorilla had for his baby.

The crowd was simply excited, but many of them were also saddened by the thought that poor animals are kept in zoos and deprived of freedom.

Especially after seeing that scene, many people started to say that all of them should be set free, because no one has the right to deprive them of their freedom.

Their place is in the wild. Of course, there are also many who agree that zoos are a safer environment for animals that are at risk of extinction and could be harmed by poachers if left in the wild.

Of course, people have different opinions, but all of them wants to see these creatures in safe conditions.

However, we hope that the baby gorilla will grow up in a happy and safe environment, becoming a very strong and healthy creature.

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