The story of two sisters whose weight exceeded 250 kilograms


Today, we are going to tell you about two sisters who weighed more than 250 kilograms. Did they manage to triumph over it? Let’s look at it.

Candy and Brandy have used food to combat stress ever since they were children.

The girls found solace in sweets and became accustomed to them as a result of the constant lack of attention from their parents.

In addition, the parents began providing their children with fast food over time, which really helped to keep them occupied and ensured that the children did not disturb their parents.

Obviously, this way of eating has had negative effects. Additionally, the sisters’ cruel classmates began to make fun of them, triggering the initial difficulties at school.

Additionally, each sister weighed more than 100 kilograms when they were young, and the worst part was that their weight continued to rise.

Candy and Brandy later had a disagreement with their parents, and the girls moved out of their parent’s home. They started living on their own, which, regrettably, had no effect on how they ate.

Even when the sisters got a job selling, the weight didn’t go away. Due to their weight, the girls lost the ability to work and became as clumsy as possible over time.

Candy and Brandy started experiencing health issues. They decided to seek assistance from the well-known television show “I weigh 300 kilograms” when their combined weight reached 250 kilograms.

Thus began the lengthy and challenging battle for health. The sisters were helped by the best professionals: a nutritionist gave them a diet, and psychologists started working with them.

Each sister set a goal to lose weight over time. The weight started to come off. However, they still needed to reduce the stomach for medical reasons.

The show ended a long time ago, but the girls still exercise and eat well to keep track of their health.

Cognac even met her affection, got hitched, and had a child. Candy also plans to travel a lot and wants to fully enjoy her new life before getting married.

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