The restaurant’s staff refuses to serve a police officer until the chief comes to see them


In Virginia, a restaurant turned away a police officer recently. On Monday night, the uniformed officer went to Noodles & Company for dinner.

All he wanted was a warm bowl of delicious noodles from the popular restaurant.

However, when the cooks behind the counter saw the policeman, they decided not to provide him with food and asked him to leave “politely.”

The Alexandria Police Department has presented its side of the story to the public ever since the event which sparked a lot of controversies.

Police Chief Earl Cook has since visited the restaurant and instructed them to provide an explanation.

A female cook left her position at the back of the restaurant on Duke Street to speak with the cashier while the officer was waiting in line.

She pointed at the officer and issued an alarming warning that their restaurant does not serve “that” kind of person.

“You better take me off the line, because I’m not serving that,” the cook allegedly told the cashier. The cook and the cashier made a lot of fun of Police Chief Earl Cook, who was embarrassed and left the restaurant right away.

Earl Cook, the police chief, went to Duke Street’s Noodles & Company to express his feelings. He requested to speak with the boss about the poor treatment of his police officer.

The managers immediately offered their apologies and stated that they would initiate an internal investigation into the actions of the cashier and cook.

He stated, “Well, as a police officer, anger is your first emotion.

Our relationships with each other are extremely tense at the moment, and you initially become enraged when one of my officers is treated in that manner without cause, but you eventually settle down.

The managers informed Chief Cook when he arrived that the police officer’s account had been validated by an internal investigation.

In a statement, Noodles & Company said something about the event. It stated: “The members of Noodles & Company’s team are expected to uphold the highest ethical and behavioral standards.

We are committed to treating each and every one of our guests with dignity and respect because we value each and every one of them. We are against discrimination of any kind.

We are collaborating with the appropriate individuals and the local police association to determine the situation and resolve it as soon as possible.

We have attempted to communicate with the police officer, but we have not yet done so. When we finish investigating the situation, we will take the appropriate actions.

The restaurant wanted to make it abundantly clear that they have nothing against the police in Alexandria. That pleased Pete Feltham, an employee of the Alexandria Police Union.

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