The poor puppy was thrown away like garbage, but luckily the rescuers managed to find him…


The poor puppy was thrown out like garbage, but luckily he was saved as someone called for help before it was too late.

Aw Squadron, knowing about the dog, rushed there to help the dog, but they had to go around and look all over, because they didn’t know for sure exactly where the puppy was.

They finally started hearing some sounds and suddenly they saw the puppy they were looking for in the concrete pit.

The puppy was in a desperate situation and needed immediate help.

Fortunately, they freed him from the pains that those cruel people had caused him instead of taking care of him.

We animal lovers will never understand how people can treat these innocent animals like this.

When he was in the arms of his rescuer, the puppy was given food and water, and then he went to his new home.

Unfortunately, however, it soon became clear that the puppy had serious problems.

He was very weak and besides, he was swallowing food with difficulty.

When they went to the vet, they discovered that the dog had a fever, so they still had to wait to find out what was going on with him.

They soon found out that the puppy had arvo and coronaviruses and the chances of his survival were very small.

Despite all that, the rescue team was still ready to fight to the end and hoped for the best…

Here you can watch this video telling about sweet baby boy.

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