The policeman noticed a sick bear cub stuck on the road, endangering his life to save


New Hampshire is home to 5,000 bears, as well as a special Bear Forest House called White Mountain National Park.

One day, General Thomas Owens found a teddy bear in trouble, left the patrol car, and watched his mother and four other puppies running across the road, which caught his eye.

He looked for a while until he noticed that the kittens were still falling behind;

The young man was reluctant to walk; he also stopped right in the middle of the road while his mother tried to make him walk, but the baby was too weak to get up once.

The mother tried sooner, brought the other 3 cubs, and also took them to the forest, leaving the weak one.

Owens, who saw this, wanted to help the sick baby, so he called New Hampshire Fish և Wildlife.

He waited impatiently, as he did, a little frightened because if the mother bear returned, she realized that she would certainly be in trouble.

On the other hand, he realized that the little one needed help. Eventually, the baby was called to a rehabilitation center, and he helped care for the baby.

He managed to take a photo with the child, as he looks down.

The sad fact is that the mother bear left her other cub that day because she was sick too.

Fish, as he և Wildlife authorities began to search for the abandoned kitten, եբ fortunately, they were able to find him before it was too late.

The baby is being treated well, as he will soon be reunited with his mother and brother or sisters in good health.

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