The picture of a stray dog sleeping with his fluffy”friend” immediately went viral touching millions of hearts


Unfortunately, there are a lot of stray dogs in Houston and maybe it’s a result of people just abandoning them and leaving them completely alone.

Thanks to the amazing team at the 5th Ward Project, many stray dogs are being rescued and due to their efforts they also find their eternal homes in a very short time.

Today’s hero is another stray dog. whose photo recently took the internet by storm.

Living in the cold streets, he had to endure many challenges having only one friend in this world, his stuffed toy.

His photo with his toy just broke the hearts of animal lovers. The dog fell asleep with his favorite teddy bear.

When one of the volunteers of the group saw the abandoned dog he decided to take a photo and post it on the Internet.

Unfortunately, their van was already full that day, so they couldn’t take this dog with them at the time.

So they decided to quickly drop off the dogs and go back to save the sleeping dog too.

But unfortunately when they returned, the dog and his stuffed animal were just disappeared.

That’s when they started searching the area, when they came across 89-year-old Calvin.

As it turned out, he lived in the area, who told the volunteers that he always fed the dog, but unexpectedly it disappeared that day.

The volunteers decided to continue the search and will not stop until they find the dog.

Unfortunately, at this point, the story hasn’t reached its happy ending, but we’re sure they’ll be able to find the sweet dog and give him the life he truly deserves. Let’s pray for them.

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