The owners tied his dog with a heavy chain so that he live in the mud


It makes us sick to see how vulnerable pets hurt people. There is no excuse for this type of habit… TIMELESS. In British Columbia, a pet was abused at a glance, but no one helped it.

The victims spoke to The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Merciless Pets to report their pet dog being chained for almost a year. The living dog had to be in his faeces without any hope of survival.

Judas, the pet, was in critical condition when rescuers finally arrived.

He was malnourished and withered, as he had to live outside of Canada during the harsh winter months, without any proper sanctuary.

His fur was tangled, he would certainly stumble around as he was dealing with a severe case of arthritis.

After numerous complaints from family members, the family finally escaped. The animal welfare organization rushed to the aid of the pet dog before putting it down.

The staff gave him the bath he needed most – he “felt love” for the first time in his life. Judas moved his tail with great excitement.

Fortunately, the organization was able to return Judas, where he was further labelled “Judith.”

Judith was in pretty bad shape, she’s got the most effective inflammation of her joints, so Animal Defenders helped her find a cart so she could play.

You probably know about Judith, because her story has gone viral over the years. Unfortunately, he died peacefully 18 months later, realizing how he felt about being liked.

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