The owner finds out about his dog’s illness and leaves him on the side of the road


A dog with a rare disease, due to which he could not walk normally, was abandoned by its owner on the side of the road.

This man did not want to deal with the disease, he left the poor boy here to take care of him. Out of sight, out of mind. So sad…

Fortunately, some rescuers found Bimul and took him for help. The disease affected all four of his legs, and it was decided that physiotherapy was the best way to improve.

But Bimal was in pain, he did not trust anyone. He was afraid that he would be harmed, so they did everything to massage him, to show that it was the best.

But the orthopaedic device in front of him made a lot of progress.

The dog was able to go home with his friends to continue his recovery, his life is completely different now… See Beam today.

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