The loyal dog wants to stay next to his mother’s side even for her last moments


A loyal dog wants to stay with its mother even in the last moments.


An elderly woman named Maria Isabel Chamba has recently died.

All his friends and relatives came to say goodbye to him, but there was one creature who did more.

His loyal dog named Boomer did not want to leave him until the last moment.

The animal seemed to think that its owner was still alive, as he refused to leave his side.

It was time to end the ceremony. The faithful dog wanted to say goodbye to his master, to be with him for the last time when he was resting.

What a loyal dog he was! Everyone was amazed at his behavior. He seemed to understand everything as humans did.

He was walking on a corpse, as if he wanted to go with his mother. It was just true love,loyalty.
The animal was the saddest of all humans. He feels broken. Everyone believes that one day he will heal his heart.

No one will replace his master, but fortunately he continues to live with the Chamba family and receives the same love and support from them.

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