The loving family gives their pup a stool for he to visit his neghboring dogs


When you get friends and start loving them there should be no boundaries before you. When this pup befriended the neighboring pups the family supported their fellowship in every way possible.

They even provided their pup with a stool, so he can enjoy his time and be around his friends Vito and Bambino over the wall.

Vito and Bambino are huge in sizes and they have no problems looking out from the wall that devides them, but what comes to Giueppe he is not that high to do it on his own. He needed some assistance.

When the family first cameto this home and they met it was a great moment. And the only problem was the wall for them, so they created an alternative option for Giuseppe to reach his friends.

Nothing can make the real friends to be separated.

Owner of Vito and Bambino Afton Tarin told that the little canine has repeatedly tried to jump up on the wall so he can meet hi samazing besties and that’s when his family got the best idea, thinking that this is what the dog wated.

Having the stool the amazing chocolate Labrador was now bigger and able to see his two adorable neighbors face to face every day.

Robert took a photo of this fascinationg moment and sent it right away to Vito and Bambino’s mother. She fell in love with the scene.

Afton’s first reaction was loughter and then she just loved it. As the little doggie was so cut and sweet. Fortunately their friendship had grown further and they now do not have to see each other behind a wall.

As their parents learned about their friendship they started going out for walks with families and having a great time.

And also watching their friendship growing is something very rare now.

They all now are good friends and not only the dogs, but also their owners.

This kind of amazing stories warmen our hearts and give us a colorful glimpse of life.

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