The little puppy, who kept crying all the time, has found his perfect family and also a friend for life


The unique story of this rescue will undoubtedly melt your heart too.

It is about a newborn dog, which was just getting acquainted with this world, but was already left on the street, completely alone.

Being so young, he had to face various challenges, but luckily, life finally smiled on him.

Joe was abandoned by his owners, leaving him on one of the sidewalks in Romania.

Happily several rescuers noticed him there and immediately came to help.

It was such a heartbreaking scene: the little boy looked at them with sad and tearful eyes, not understanding what was happening.

After this little boy was taken to the shelter, he was also given the extra attention he so desperately needed.

The boy, whom they named Joey, grew bigger and stronger day by day.

His carers were doing everything for him and he was enjoying his life to the fullest.

In the third week, he was already attached to his foster family, where he had already managed to get a wonderful friend, the white tiger.

He just adored it. Not long after, they received great news.

They found a forever home for Joe, a wonderful family from the Netherlands who just fell in love with the baby.

Of course, the pup was extremely excited and happy.

While going to a new home, the sweet boy could not forget about his dear friend, the tiger, which he took with him everywhere he went .

It’s heartwarming to see how happy he is in his new home where everyone just adores him.

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