The little elephant cries for five hours non-stop after being rejected by its mother


When an elephant cub, Zhuang Zhuang, was born at a Chinese zoo, he was rejected.

You may think that he was rejected by the zoo staff, unfortunately, his mother rejected him. His mother wanted to kill him, and we can not guess why he did it. He wanted to push his little child and kill him.

He could not counterattack because he was helpless and small.

But the zoo staff finally removed her from her mother, but they represent her again. Unfortunately, his mother tried to kill him again, so it is obvious that he rejected her. This was very cruel to the baby, so he cried for five hours.

This video shows that animals can feel pain just like humans.

“The baby elephant was very upset, he cried for five hours until they comforted him,” said a representative of the Shandiaoshan Wildlife Sanctuary in Shandong Province, Roncheng Province.

He added that “no one knows why his mother did this to her child.”

Watch the video below.

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