The legendary elephant, who used to entertain tourists for mote than 40 years, is finally free


Elephants can be considered among the most intelligent mammals.

They usually live in countries like Thailand. Although they are considered very highly valued creatures there, there are also those who are caught, chained and used for entertainment purposes.

Among those unfortunate elephants was Tong Bai, a legendary elephant.

He is known throughout the country, who entertained tourists for 40 years.

Lek Chailert is the founder of The Elephant Sanctuary, who has been advocating for the rights and safety of elephants for years.

He once shared the story of this elephant, which spent so many years in captivity and now is finally free from its chains. He is now all free to go wherever he wants.

This elephant even managed to appear in beer commercials and in a number of films. That’s why everyone in the country knows him very well.

A year before the animal’s release, Lek brought Silpa-archa to the state to see this legendary elephant;

Seeing the elephant and its condition, he simply could not remain indifferent.

His condition tugged at his heartstrings, so he decided to help the elephants living in the area in any way he could.

He did everything to help and free the elephants.

The old elephant could finally live without chains in his new home.

After the joint efforts of many organizations, Tong finally has the house of his dreams.

He is now enjoying his life in complete peace and freedom.

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