The lady accidentally met her mother, who is begging for money from passers-by. She is ashamed to look into people’s eyes


“While going shopping, my husband and I accidentally met my mother, who was begging for money from passers-by. Now I am ashamed to look into people’s eyes.

My mother is 72 years old, we live in the same city, but separately. Like any elderly person, she needs help, but I can not bring my mother home.

In addition to the fact that our house is very small, my mother is a lover of dogs and cats.

He lives in his own house and keeps dozens of animals, and that is not enough, he feeds all the homeless dogs and cats he meets on the street.

All the money I gave him to buy food and medicine he spent on animals.

I have stopped giving money in the last few months. I already buy food myself, pay for utilities, go to the pharmacy according to the list mentioned by the doctor and get all the medicines.

I still leave some money for unforeseen expenses. She can not live on a pension. They left, and since we both drank some wine, we decided to leave the car in their yard and return home by subway.

And when we were going down the passage, we saw my mother.

she was sitting on the stairs begging for money I was about to go underground.

My husband was also shocked to know that I was allocating money from our family budget to my mother-in-law, he even began to doubt whether I was spending that money elsewhere without his knowledge, otherwise, why should my mother ask for mercy?

It turned out that he had brought some more dogs and they needed treatment. What would our acquaintances and colleagues say if they saw my mother in such a condition?

Naturally, they will think that my husband and I have left her, left her without funds, support… Let Ariu explain that she has decided to take on the role of Mother Teresa.

And we are not rich enough to take care of my mother’s animals.

I spoke seriously with my mother and asked her not to do anything like that! But you do not know why my heart testifies that he is continuing his work… I do not know what to do “

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