The kind woman saved the life of the kitten who was so frightened that was trembling all over


Either way, one wrong turn that day ended up saving the life of the cat.

By being in the right place at the right time, this woman saved the baby’s life.

Seeing her, she immediately went out to check on the kitten.

As Layla scrambled to get the kitten out of the way, it ran quickly under the woman’s car.

The thing is, this woman runs an animal rescue organization, the Winston Memorial Foundation, and she wanted to get the cat out of there and move to a safe place.

The baby was still very young and definitely needed help.

After searching for her for two hours, she suddenly heard a cry, and it was clear that it was coming from her car.

The kitten was finally found, but she was so frightened that she was frozen and trembling. it turned out she was only 5 months old.

Finally, the woman was able to take the baby safely to the shelter, where a comfortable bed and delicious food awaited her.

The fear in her eyes gradually faded and slowly she even began to trust people.

She no longer had to hide from them, moreover, she let them come up to her and pet.

Within a few days she made quite a few cat friends and played with them as if they had always been friends.

As s he already feels very well soon the kitten will even be ready for adoption and undoubtedly wonderful life is ahead of her.

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