The kind boy helps an old woman climb stairs then that steps lead to his new $1.8M home — The story of the day


Even though his friends told him not to, a poor boy decided to assist an elderly woman in climbing the stairs. The woman eventually provided him with a new home as a reward for his kindness.

Rick was a young boy of seven who enjoyed playing outside with his friends. They resided in a small rural town where the farms where their parents worked were lined with tiny cottages.

The old mansion they all lived in was further down the road, surrounded by greenery. Rick and his friends liked to climb trees and pick fruit near the mansion because there were a lot of them.

A cement staircase had to be climbed to reach the front door before entering the mansion.

It looked like something straight out of a Hollywood fantasy film because its sides were beautifully landscaped with fresh greenery and colorful flowers.

One of Rick’s friends once observed the house from a distance and said, “I heard an old lady lived there.” “I was told she was a witch!” adds a second friend of his.

Since that day, they have kept a close eye on the mansion in the hope that they will not come across the “witch” who is supposed to be living there.

Rick, on the other hand, heard a loud cough coming from the mansion one day. “Could it be the elderly woman?” He said as he jumped out from behind the trees to see who it was.

Inquisitive about the sound they had just heard, his friends followed him. The boys were terrified when they realized it was the elderly woman.

She was hacking and scarcely breathing as she climbed the steps to the chateau. Realizing that the elderly lady was ill, Rick made the decision to assist her.

What are you engaged in?” His friends yelled, Keep away from her!” Rick went out of his way to assist the elderly lady instead of listening to his friends.

Ma’am, welcome. Can I assist you with the stairs?” He queries her. The elderly woman grinned. I’m grateful, my boy. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Rick felt the old lady’s hand on her arm as they climbed the stairs. She admitted that she had attempted to purchase a few items from the grocery store but was unable to continue.

She admitted, “I had no idea it would be so long a walk.” Not only was the elderly woman in trouble, but Rick also felt sorry for her because he and his friends had misjudged her.

When I heard you cough, I was taken aback because I had never seen anyone leave the mansion before. Rick shared, “My friends and I are still climbing trees near your house.” “I’m Rick,” he continued.

“Ah, Rick. I’m glad you heard me today because I couldn’t have climbed those stairs on my own. The elderly woman replied, “My name is Allison.”

Allison felt relieved when they got to the top of the stairs. She made a comment, “I’m getting old.” Between. She tells Rick, “I’ll get you some milk and cookies,” and he gladly obliges.

Rick looked around the room after eating some of the cookies on the plate and noticed that Allison seemed to be the only person who lived there.

“Alice, do you live alone? Where are your children now?” He asks. Because I have heart problems and trouble getting around, my concierge comes every day.

She quit this week because she was moving to a different state. She explains, “Because I haven’t been able to find a replacement for her yet, I have to do things myself.” I never had children, you see.

She said, taking a cookie from Rick’s plate and eating it for herself, “I loved my husband very much, and when he decided he didn’t want to have kids to focus on his business empire, I happily agreed.”

Rick wished Allison well. She was an elderly woman of 91 years old who lived on her own and had no one to care for her. He desired to assist her.

I can serve as your guide right now. I can walk you to the grocery store and back when you need me to. Is that acceptable to you?”

He inquired, and the elderly woman couldn’t help but smile. “That would be wonderful, my little boy. I appreciate your offer. Thank you so much! She said while embracing Rick.

Every Friday, Rick and Allison will go grocery shopping together. Rick would guide Allison up the stairs after picking her up from her house.

After that, they hail a taxi, head to the grocery store, and then reunite. Rick would guide Allison as he carried the groceries up the stairs while they took a second taxi back to their house.

Rick, I’m so glad I met you. “You have been sent by God,” Allison told him. For months, Rick and Allison went shopping, until one day Allison didn’t leave the house.

No one answered the door because the door was locked. Rick began to feel anxious and worried. What would happen if something bad happened to him?

He pondered. In case Allison showed up, he waited outside the door. However, after a number of hours, no one emerged. After that, a black-tinted car entered the property.

He ran up the stairs, thinking Allison was there. A man in a business suit and his mother were seated inside the vehicle, which surprised her.

Mom? Where are you going with this?” He asks. A man in a business suit and his mother were seated inside the vehicle, which surprised her. Mom? Where are you going with this?”

He asks. “It’s about the old woman,” she answered. ” Get in the car, please. We must move somewhere. Rick’s stomach began to twist and his heart stopped.

Mother, what took place for him? Is she alright?” He asks. She quietly responded, “You’ll see, darling.” In the end, they were put in the office of a lawyer.

Rick saw Allison there. He ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. “I was so afraid that something had happened to you, Allison,” he said.

“Rick, I’m sorry I scared you. I went to see your mother today, you see. Allison shared, “I wanted to let her know how much attention you have given me over the past few months and thank her for raising a big-hearted boy.”

“In order for me to meet you all here, I asked your mother to pick you up next to my lawyer. We’re here to express my gratitude to you, Rick.

I appreciate you sharing your sincere and pure heart with me. Despite the fact that children can be so cruel, you are here to demonstrate that good people still exist in the world.

Her attorney made it clear after Allison’s speech that she wanted to leave Rick her $1.8 million mansion. It was hard for Rick and his mother to believe, so they jumped at the opportunity.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to continue living with you first because I don’t have anywhere else to stay. It’s fine. Allison said with regret, “I don’t have much time left to live anyway.”

Rick gave a head shake. Allison, don’t say that. My mother and I will take care of you for many more years. He gave her a hug and said, “We are your family.”

Allison made it to the age of 103. She made the most of her years by spending special moments with Rick and her mother, Lisa, who loved and cared for her.

What can we take away from this narrative?

You get what you put in. Kindness always gets a reward. Rick had good intentions when he wanted to assist Allison, but he had no idea that his kindness would be rewarded.

Always make the decision to help others and be a good person. When Rick saw the elderly lady coughing near the stairs, he could have easily left her alone, but he made sure to help her, which brought her many blessings.

A professional writer wrote this story, which was influenced by our readers’ daily lives. It is purely coincidental that any names or locations are compared to actual ones. Only for illustration purposes are all images.

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