The ignored tiger cub gets saved from circus, after some time makes an unbelievable recovery


People can sometimes do such cruelties that we could not even be ready for that. Nobody knows how this poor baby appeared to be in such situation but when the rescue team arrived he looked terrible.

The 9 months old cub weighed almost 30 pounds which is abnormal. This would be normal for 3-month-old not for 9.

Asha was in extremely poor condition and everybody wanted to know what happened or what was the reason for this.

After some explorations the officials announced that the little one used to be part of a traveling circus and due to the fact that she was in the same cage with a bigger animal she was not allowed to eat.

And besides that she got a skin infection and without any proper care and treatement her condition got worse. So she was taken to an isolated sanctuary to keep her away from any danger and be recoverd fully.

Poor thing had such serios health problems that almost all her body had bold spots and her skin was very dry.

Vicky did her best to make her better and went to her twice a day to give some medication, and make sure that she is going to do well.

The benevolent Vicky said that after several weeks of proper treatement gave it’s results and that her fuzz was growing and after eight weeks there were even some bold places that were covered.

After eight long months of recovery Asha finally made it. She won over everything and became stronger and healthier. She grew so better that with time she was unrecognizable.

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