The homeless woman was always carrimg 3 suitcases with her: Everybody thought it was trash inside until they found out the truth


This is a story about Wanda Witter, an elderly woman with intelligence who recently turned 80.

It is impossible to describe her life path as straightforward, and it is unknown how her life would have progressed if she had not received the assistance of a social worker. This is the point.

Wanda worked as a typist when she was younger, and even after she retired, she didn’t give up.

She learned a new trade, became a paralegal, and decided to move to Washington in the hopes of finding work there. But the big city was out of place for an elderly woman.

She was limited to temporary employment, and soon she was unable to pay her rent. The woman ended up on the street, where she had to sleep in a sleeping bag in a rooming house or right on the street.

She was given a pension, but there was something wrong: Her monthly pension payments varied greatly, from $300 to $900, depending on the month.

The woman attempted to determine the cause, but the elderly homeless woman’s complaints were ignored.

Wanda was aware that it would be very difficult to prove anything once the checks were cashed and the pension was distributed.

As a result, she did not make use of the funds and instead demanded an explanation by sending checks back to the office.

The woman didn’t tell her four adult children about her situation. She convinced her mother to move in with her when her daughter still found out about everything.

However, the woman stated that she would not leave until she was back to her original size. In her suitcases, the woman kept all of her correspondence with departments.

People started to believe that Wanda had gone insane because she always had three huge bags with trash in them. For 16 years, the obstinate elderly lady resided in a shelter for the homeless.

She told Julie Turner, a shelter worker, her story one day. The woman inquired about Wanda’s documents.

They were astonished when they saw what was inside the suitcases—a neat stack of papers that had been collected over many years.

Wanda received assistance from Julie in selecting a lawyer to represent her. Wanda Witter received a $99,000 wire transfer on August 23.

The woman’s attorney believes that the government owes her more than this. Wanda still finds it challenging to acknowledge her accomplishments.

She eventually started a new life by renting an apartment. It’s important to note that this woman’s persistence is admirable.

She chose to live in a shelter for many years because she fought so hard for the truth that she could get justice. If you found the article to be engaging, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones as well!

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