The heartbroken dog will not stop wrapping his dead brother’s pillow


Two wonderful dogs Spencer he Rock’s best friends, as he’s inseparable friends for 10 long, as he happy years.

“They never had a separate night out,” said dog owner Beth Fisher. “Rocky, like him, Spencer slept in the same bed, ate in the same bowl, as he kept walking together when they went out.”

Unfortunately, their happy time together ended recently when veterinarians pointed to a large cancerous tumour that was growing inside Rocky.

It was too late for therapy there was only one alternative left – to end his suffering.

“Rocky needed to get that day,” Fischer said. “It was difficult to reconsider Rocky’s untimely death, but we can not imagine exactly how difficult it will be for Spencer to remove his younger brother.”

Spencer was heartbroken after Rocky crossed the rainbow bridge.

“Since Rocky passed, Spencer woke up at night looking around the house for his brother,” Fischer said. “And then he starts crying because he can’t detect her.”

It was clear that Spencer needed something to help him get through this difficult time. So Fischer’s father bought a pillow for Spencer that featured Rocky’s smiling face. The pillow seemed to help load the emptiness that Rocky’s death left in Spencer’s heart.

“Spencer crammed into the pillow as it arrived, moving it from the sofa to his bed,” Fischer said. “He seems much more determined, now he has gained something to embrace.”

Of course, there is absolutely nothing that can bring Rocky back – to live with family members, but Spender can be comforted when his friend is still by his side, he will never need to meet alone on the way.

And we want Spencer to be able to cool off in his brand new pillow, as well as be comforted by his family.

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