The grandmother go so touched by her granddaughter’s surprise that she even started crying…


In this incredibly cute scene, a grandmother is overjoyed with her new dog.

The point is that her dog died a year ago and she was looking for a faithful friend who would always be with her.

Therefore, knowing about this, her granddaughter decided to give her a wonderful surprise, but he could not even imagine that his reaction would be so emotional. Seeing her new friend, grandmother’s enthusiasm was so touching.

When Alexandra realized that her grandparents needed another dog, she decided to take it upon herself to make them happy.

She did it in the most beautiful way imaginable. She was initially looking for a kitten when a friend told her that her dog had new puppies.

It was exactly what was needed. Her mother also helped Alexandra in preparing the surprise, putting the 9-week-old dog in a basket.

To make the day more memorable, they posted “knitting and what not” on it so that her grandmother wouldn’t guess what was there.

And… their reaction was simply indescribable. When the grandmother realized that there was a cute baby there, she got indescribably excited.

She immediately hugged him and began to cry. For a long time she did not let her go.

Alexandra was so pleased that she was able to bring such happiness to her beloved grandparents, not even imagining that the grandmother would give such a lovely response…

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