The girl screams that she was injured to save the frightened stray dog


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Thanks to the actions of some very nice “ingenious individuals”, the hungry street pet now have a lifetime shelter.

Amanda Guarashian and Dylan Parkinson decided to rescue a malnourished, frightened pet dog who lived alone in Evans Creek Camp in Washington, DC.

They came to the camp to see how the pet dog was sitting where they believed he would be. Unfortunately, he was so frightened that they could not approach him.

They tried to seduce him with food, but it did not work, so they decided to go and buy some hot dogs. They returned with the hot dogs, but the frightened pet would not get better.

They spent many hours before leaving at 3 a.m. They developed a new method when they left.

They came back the next day, the flag was still there, thank you for the benefits. They chose to be interested in dog sympathy today because the food did not work in the past.

Amanda described the unique offer they made on Facebook, as well as the events that led to her rescue. He wrote:

“I went down to the ground with my back to the puppy that we decided to call the Bear (well, more specifically, ‘Baby Bear’) as I slowly began to crawl back to where he was lying.”

His strategy was to believe that he was offended to see if he could inspire Baby Bear in more detail.
His post continued.

I started sobbing yawning (which is a calming signal), I continued to slowly approach him getting closer until I calmed down against the cute little Bear.

(For a moment she stood up to look for our sanctuary, for she saw me as a wretched human woman with no survival skills; she kind of took me under her wing.)

His strategy worked. Not only could he approach the baby bear, but he could choose how to hug it. He was taken to a veterinarian for help, he wrote.

“I had to drag him everywhere. “I had to pick him up, put him in a truck, and then we hugged each other until we got to the vet, where ‘once I had to drag him in’ all his 57 pounds.”

After the veterinarian treated the bear, he was taken to Wuyu Bey Booklet, where he was an incredibly caring family.

Soon he found his house permanently he was also very happy after his photos.

There is no doubt that Amanda, like Dylan, saved her life through the clear salvation of their person. We are convinced that Child Bear is very grateful for all the compassion they showed him that day.

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