The girl saved a big dog from the market. Nobody liked it, while it wanted warmth and happiness


This household has a huge dog, just as their story began outside the multi-storey residential area. A pack of hostile dogs attacked the German guard, he could not defend himself.

However, this woman’s partner did not bother to protect the pet, as he took the board and began to eliminate the terrible, barking mess.

When the shepherd was rescued, the little lady hugged the big dog, as she shouted.

So the shepherd dog, who appeared on the street, got his label, how he found a family, how he found loving owners.

The man who defended this great typical woolly person liked it very much. He put it in his car right away, as he took it to a veterinary clinic.

Examination revealed that the dog was sick, just as it was just to eat effectively. They took the dog to their rural home, where Dolph was delighted to run through the vast meadow.

He is now a full member of the family, touring the country with his masters, how he loves fishing, how he enjoys delicious fish.

It has a huge amount of fur, so the owners had to buy two robotic vacuums at the same time to clean your house of fur.

Dolph eventually became a true friend to the child. They play with each other, they look at each other in the reception. He says he will live with Dolphin even when he is mature.

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