The flaming horse has to drag the cart until it falls exhausted in front of the neighbors


Thousands of horses have had to serve as load-bearing animals for many years.

They have to walk for hours in the most extreme conditions, carrying a huge load. Since then, humans have been able to develop much more efficient modes of transportation that do not involve cruelty to animals.

Unfortunately, this is not enough as many horses continue to be bred regularly. A man was sitting on a tired horse in a chariot. It was a man of brown fur, but he was so tired that he could not take another step.

“The owner of the cart was horrified when he saw the neighbours’ indignation.”

It was quite hot, the asphalt seemed to be constantly burning his little feet.

The animal was suddenly exhausted and fell to the ground. Instead of worrying or trying to help him, his master answered in a completely fun way.

He got out of the car և started to cause him serious damage.

It was all in vain. The unfortunate man could not stand it any longer, despite his best efforts, his master refused to move. When the nearest resident noticed what was happening, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“He was weak, he had several injuries. He was bleeding profusely. ”

He went down to confront the owner of the horse, to hold him accountable for all the damage he had caused. The whole district had gathered there in seconds to protect the horse. Someone has to speak up for the poor creature.

“We want to express our gratitude to all those who took such an active part in saving Romeo.”

The neighbours continued to help the horse after the disgusting man left. They named him Romeo and gave him some water to drink. He was brought to a place in the shade where he could drink.

Little by little, it seemed that the adorable animal was coming back to life.

He thanked all his rescuers with a heartfelt expression. The victims called the authorities, who sent police officers from the Altos de Lafere police station.

“Romeo is already in the field, leading the life that a horse must lead. free”:

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