The famous star decided to come to a movie premier with Woody, one of his rescue dogs, promoting adoption of doggs


Though it’s not something you see often, actor and a big animal lover Tom Hardy recently appeared on the red carpet with a dog․

It was really adorable. The famous celebrity made such an unexpected visit to the premiere of the movie “Legend”, coming there accompanied by his dog, Woody.

The adroable Labrador mix is ​​quite used to such public events, having also participated in a PETA campaign with his daddy.

In such way Hardy also promotes pet adoption. These two became inseparable from their very first meeting, and judging by the time they spent together, it is very clear how strong their bond is.

They met during the filming of the movie “Lawless”.

Spotting a pup wandering the streets, he decided to adopt him after which they went to his home in London together.

In addition to Woody, Tom has other dogs as well. “Wherever I go, I take a dog,” said the actor.

“I’ll always findone and every job we do, I’ll either find a dog and bring it home or I’ll take my dog.”

The actor has always been a dog lover and he loved dogs so much that he even went to school with his first dog, with a name Max.

“Max was my support unit and I had a higher self-esteem because I constantly felt his unconditional love and support.”

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