The family breaks down when they see how their twins hug one another during sleep


From the moment they are born, twins frequently have very strong relationships with one another. For instance, Sara and Sofia are two precious young girls whose families are overjoyed to have them in their lives.

The fact that the twins typically share a very unique bond and relationship is not a secret. Twins are said to be able to sense each other’s emotions, thoughts, and other things.

You can see this one-of-a-kind bond beginning at a very young age, possibly even while the two were still in their mother’s womb, as you can see in the adorable short video below!

In 2017, this video was taken when the twins were just a few days old. The sisters are shown lying down and sleeping like princesses with hugs and kisses.

The video resurfaced recently and gained worldwide traction. They gained a lot of fans and received a lot of good wishes.

Right now, we all require a little reassurance and optimism. To their parents’ delight, the twins have matured but are still so close to one another.

This “oh-so-cute” moment can be experienced by watching their adorable video below!

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