The elephant enters the interview to “rescue” his guardian from the interviewers


Faa Mai the elephant was born in the “Elephant Nature Park” in Thailand and has since been raised by his guardian, a woman named Lek.

Faa Mai loves her mother Over the years she has become a super defender against her. This video captures his devotion to Lek with his most beautiful horse.

This video begins with Lek giving an interview to a TV band where he talks at length about his experiences and skills in the park.

Faa Mai seems to be calmly interacting with his herd in the background, but that is unlikely to be the case.

At the same time, he simply hides in suspicion, making sure that the strangers dressed do not harm his mother.

The interview continues, and Faa Mai loses her patience and decides to check Lek. He leaves his flock, and “runs forward” at maximum speed to pass the interview, to assess Lek’s well-being.

He then lovingly wraps his trunk around Lek, as he demands Lek’s attention and orders him to return to him. What a funny gossip!\

Lek is aware of Faa Mai’s ownership tendencies, as the elephant always “hates” it when Lek takes care of someone else.

Lek then throws Faa Mai back like a perfect mother, ordering the staff to postpone the interview while he attends to his giant baby.

Click on the video below to see how Faa Mai dominates her guardian’s interview Please pay attention.

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