The dog, who spent almost all his life in a shelter, got adopted by a wonderful couple and can’t stop hugging them


It is not for nothing that they gave him the name Hero.

The senior pitbull was left in the shelter and it seemed that he was going to spend his last days there too.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt the old dog and give him love.

When Pit Crew Rescue located In Sacramento heard about this dog, they offered to come and took him.

However, his difficult days did not end there, because he needed a forever home.

For many years he had lived without a family and nothing could replace the family love he wanted.

The point is that he was a victim of abuse, as evidenced by his scars both inside and out…

The rescue group’s only wish was to see the dog happy, surrounded by family love.

And one day a real miracle happened. A wonderful couple, upon meeting Hero, already knew they should adopt him.

However, since they had another dog, first as good pet owners they had to introduce the two puppies to each other before making a final decision.

So when they first met, Sugar, their other dog, immediately lit up and everything was already clear for them.

The hero finally had his eternal home, which he had dreamed of for so long… Finally it happened.

The hero’s new parents said that he feels very happy there. We are so happy for our sweet boy, Hero.

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