The dog was lifeless when a group of rescuers arrived for help


In 2 hours, Kesto got well enough to go to the guardian. He was so hungry, his joints ached.

The dog died when the rescue team came to the rescue. They thought he was dead, they started crying, and then the rescuer realized that the older dog was still alive.

Despite his poor condition, the dog struggled to keep up. The dog was taken to his family for medical treatment, who did not even want to say goodbye to him.

The dog, named Kesto, had spent his years with a family that never cared for him, but now it’s time for him to learn what love means.

The veterinarian learned that the dog, which was not aggressive at all, was about 15 years old.
The dog was treated with a warm saline solution because he was suffering from a large stomach tumor and was hypothermic.

House! It was then that he was taken away by a female rescuer who could not wait to take him home, as he already had a soft spot for older dogs in his house.

He showed her where her foster mother should sleep after a proper meal.

Sadly, Kesto died weeks later, but the good news is that he spent his last days with a family that truly loves him. Rest in peace Kesto!

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