The dog was in such condition that there was no hope he would survive, but his guardian angel appeared at the exact time


Once a call was received about a dog lying in a box and not moving.

When they arrived at the scene, they found a poor dog covered in feces, also emaciated and on the verge of starvation.

They rushed the dog to the clinic and the veterinarians quickly started the treatment.

He was not moving at all and there was no hope that he could survive, but Elizabeth, a very kind vet, became his angel and rushed to help the dog.

For the next few days, the vet gave the dog excellent care and a warm bath, after which she was able to raise the dog’s body temperature, which was very low.

She kept talking to the dog, telling her how much she loved him. It was as if the dog felt and understood everything, but still could not react.

She named the dog Sophie and became so attached to his that she decided to also adopt the little one.

Day by day the condition of the dog improved, even his appetite was restored and he already had his favorite foods.

He would start wagging his tail excitedly when he heard the sound of his favorite snacks that his mother wa bringing for him.

Now the sweet dog has fully recovered and lives with the most caring family who simply adore him.

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